High-performance IoT Modules, Platforms, and Connectivity Services to Accelerate Your IoT Deployment

Developing an IoT solution can be complex and intimidating. You need a successful end-to-end system approach that assures that all the pieces work together seamlessly when connecting ‘things to apps’ – from device management to connectivity and data management… and everything in between. 

That’s where Telit can help.

Delivering business outcomes for our customers is what we do best. The Telit team brings:

Unmatched expertise in hardware, connectivity, and platforms
20+ years experience designing, building, and executing complex solutions
Redefining rules of digital businesses

Leverage Telit expertise to develop your IoT solution.

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We offer the largest portfolio of specialty IoT communications modules. Designed to the most stringent standards, our single and multimode modules use a common footprint so that products can be easily adapted to multiple markets and technologies.

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Connectivity Plans

Our IoT SIM cards and global data plans meet a variety of applications and bandwidth requirements - from only a few short data messages a month for a smart meter to continuous streaming of high-definition video for advanced IoT applications.

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Software & Platforms

We reduce the complexity of connecting ‘things to apps’ with a comprehensive platform for collecting, managing and analyzing critical device data. Our IoT Platform is available as a subscription-based cloud service or on-premise installation.

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Your Partner to a 5G World

Telit was the first to announce a 5G module and the world’s first global Gigabit-LTE PCI express mini card, the LM960. As a worldwide leader in mobile broadband technology, Telit has the solutions your company needs to make the most of 5G.

Accelerate Your Time to Market

Want to go live with a cellular IoT solution but don’t want to waste a lot of time integrating connectivity components? Accelerate your time to market with a secure, prepackaged software suite embedded within data efficient cellular IoT modules – Telit OneEdge.