Create any industrial Internet of Things solution in days, instead of months. Incorporate any asset regardless of what type it is or year it was made. The Telit Smart IO Gateway allows you to collect any information from all your existing assets such as CNCs, PLCs, robots, sensors, DCSs, etc. Once connected, your data can be seamlessly mapped via Telit deviceWISE for Factory IIoT Platform to any database and common enterprise applications such as SAP, Oracle, IBM, SQL Server and more for operational equipment effectiveness (OEE), preventive and predictive maintenance, quality control, etc.


Leave no machine behind.

Legacy Machines with No Native Connectivity
Telit Smart IO was specially designed to connect absolutely any equipment that doesn’t have any communication module embedded in it. Through digital and analog ports, you can collect data and actuate in old legacy machines.

Serial Port Only Legacy Machines
Legacy machines with serial ports only once thought to be islands can be connected to Telit’s platform through MTConnect adapters or other modern communications standards.

Ethernet-Ready Machines
In any device that has Ethernet capabilities, the Telit platform will orchestrate data collection, edge logic and enterprise connectivity in a distributed architecture.

What can be connected?

• Any machine that has analog sensors or descrete outputs
• CNCs
• Injection molders
• Lathes
• Motors
• Pumps
• Stamping machines
• PLCs
• DCSs
• Robots
• Many More...

What type of information you can get?

• Data from the machine that may be measuring, counting sorting, or from any external sensors
• Down time or unscheduled events like manual & emergency stops
• Machine On/Off times
• Cycle times (Operator efficiency)
• Part counts
• Excessive vibration
• Over or under temperature
• Oil / coolant level
• Tool life
• Many More...

What can you do with this?

• Enterprise integration such as: MES / ERP / FIS connectors
• Gain deep understanding of downtime events – with any 3rd party analytical tool sets
• Preventive, predictive and prescriptive maintenance
• Use data for OEE and Downtime Reduction & Mitigation
• As-built part quality control
• Visualization via HMIs / smart boards or andon light stacks

Features to seamlessly connect unconnected assets

• Designed and built with industrial-grade, vibration resistant components
• 4 x 20 line custom programmable backlit - LCD display
• Multiple and expandable I/OsDigital 32 (16 input, 16 output)
• Analog 12 (8 input, 4 output)
• 10 High voltage relays and stepping motor controllers (2) and driver (1)
• Non-volatile data storage (Ferro Magnetic RAM) with battery backup
• Non-polling unsolicited messaging – provides minimal network overhead (message data is sent only upon status change)
•High power external WiFi access point / wired backhaul
*Optional - (cellular & cloud connectivity)

Extend the life of your legacy assets

With the Telit Smart IO Gateway, there’s no need to rip and replace assets to achieve an IIoT solution. You’ll be able to keep using assets but leverage the full power of connecting, monitoring and controlling every asset on your plant floor.

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