Putting SIM cards in your industrial-grade IoT devices costs time and money. You have to not only design space for the SIM card but change it out every time you 
need or want to switch carriers. Assembling the SIM tray adds to your bill of materials (BOM) and increases your manufacturing costs. Moreover, when you change carriers, you’d have to swap out every SIM, which means costly truck rolls and labor hours. 


Telit simWISE cellular LPWA modules include integrated SIM technology that will streamline your manufacturing processes and operations, reducing your costs and manual processes

With Telit simWISE, you can:

  • Design smaller IoT devices with a small-footprint module 
  • Reduce your total cost of ownership (TCO), bills of materials (BOMs) and overhead
  • Use remote provisioning for upgrades and carrier changes, thereby avoiding truck rolls 
  • Eliminate error-prone manual work 
  • Count on reliable, secure functionality with built-in carrier-grade encryption capabilities 

Get ready for the new age of cellular LPWA.

Sign up for your Telit simWISE evaluation kit today!


Download the simWISE datasheet HERE

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