Scaling your IoT deployment can be time-consuming, costly and challenging without the right tools. The Telit OneEdge™ software IoT edge orchestrator provides the resources you need to hasten your time to market and reduce the total cost of ownership and risks. OneEdge supports you through your entire First Mile journey, from prototyping to mature, massive solution deployment.

With Telit OneEdge, you can:

• Manage the complete device and service life cycle
• Implement connectivity strategies to meet quality of service and cost targets
• Leverage the solution power of efficient technology and open standards conceived for IoT use cases like Lightweight M2M (LwM2M)
• Integrate the IoT solution across your enterprise

Telit provides three offerings to meet your deployment’s unique needs:

Entry. Keep your devices updated with firmware over the air (FOTA) service.
Pro. Add the ability to manage edge configuration and parameters, plus remotely troubleshoot IoT deployments. The OneEdge Pro plan includes advanced device and connectivity management tools, including a stand-alone device management application that serves as a dashboard for the IoT deployment.
Ultimate. Get all the features of our first-tier and second-tier solutions, plus complete application data orchestration, enterprise integration, custom LwM2M object adding and cloud APIs.

Telit OneEdge Modules

Cellular xE310 Family xL865 Family xE910 Family Data Cards
5G NR       FN980 Series (M.2)
FN980m (M.2)
Cat 1
    LE910C1 Series LE910C1 Series
ME310G1 Series ML865C1 Series
ML865G1 Series
ME910C1 Series
ME910G1 Series
ME910C1-WW mPCIe
ME910G1-WW mPCIe


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