Scaling your massive IoT deployment takes a lot of time, costs a lot of money, and imposes a lot of challenges if you don’t have the right tools. Telits OneEdge software suite is exactly the kind of toolset that will reduce your time to market (TTM), total cost of ownership (TCO) and risk in the first mile of your IoT journey. OneEdge supports you through the entire massive IoT process from prototyping to deploying a mature solution. 

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The OneEdge evaluation device runs on desktop or phone and demonstrates LwM2M client running on Telit ME910C1-P2 module (no MCu) and operating the following main elements:

  • Monitoring sensors, connectivity status, and peripherals data (using SPI, I2C, GPIO and UART interfaces)  
  • Reacts as connector agent to maintain network connectivity 
  • Enables the LwM2M agent to connect to LwM2M DEV portal 
  • Writes to the LwM2M containers (i.e., feeding the sensors data, battery, button presses, etc.)
  • Reads from the LwM2M containers (i.e., turn ON/OFF LEDs and buzzer, GPS and configure edge logic) 

The evaluation device can be monitored and controlled by a mobile Android or iOS application. The apps are associated with the device, controlled remotely and connected to the portal to push and pull all requested data. Whenever data is updated on the portal side, it syncs with the apps. Both the Android and iOS apps are available to download from thAppStore and Google Play. 

The OneEdge evaluation kit features:


• Telit IoT Module: ME910C1
• OneEdge and AppZone support
• LED lights, temperature sensors, and accelerometer
• Interface exposure
• Battery-power compatible, onboard charging chip
• Onboard LTE antenna
• GPS antenna connector


• ME910 FW with LwM2M agent
• AppZone application


• 2FF SIM card Tele2 Lightning activated with the data plan
• ME910 embedded simWISE profile
• Automatically onboarded to the OneEdge portal

Mobile Application

• iOS application
• Android application

Portal Setting

• Telit Portal (
• Default profile, predefine triggers, alarms, etc.

Telit Assets

• AppZone IoT application running on ME910C1 (without MCu component) monitoring SPI, I2C, GPIO and UART interfaces
• OneEdge LwM2M agent/server and ability to add customer IPSOs
• Connectivity management, physical sim and simWISE
• Device management application
• DM

Customer Use Cases

• Send text
• “ON” LED/buzzer
• Set attribute for ambient light, edge logic
• Get notifications upon button press
• Remote AT
• Management portal (profile, objects, alarms, triggers, profile, etc.)
• DM/FOTA applications


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