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Telit’s flagship xE910 family delivers 4G radio access technology in the 28.2 × 28.2 × 2.2 mm family form factor, based on the “design once, use anywhere” philosophy. This strategy builds in longevity and cost-efficiency into every design created using a Telit form factor family module. 



The LE910S1-EA LTE Cat 1 module is 3GPP Rel 9 compliant and offers superior single-antenna radio performance for low-cost, compact devices. This module supports 2G fallback for coverage in remote areas where LTE is not rolled out and circuit-switched voice in the absence of VoLTE. LE910S1 provides seamless roaming and is ideal for devices requiring data and voice transmission and full mobility throughout the extended European region.

• LTE FDD Cat 1 3GPP Rel 9 compliant
• Single LTE antenna
• Optional embedded GNSS receiver
• Uplink up to 5 Mbps and downlink up to 10 Mbps

LE910C1 and LE910C4 

The LE910C1 LTE Cat 1 and LE910C4 LTE Cat 4 3GPP Rel 10 compliant module series are ideal for mid-range IoT and machine-to-machine (M2M) applications. With Band 14 communication making it perfect for first responder applications and an optional GNSS receiver, they deliver concurrent satellite navigation and positioning.

Series features:

• LTE with 3G/2G fallback variants as needed for specific regions, carriers and use cases
• VoLTE and circuit-switched voice support
• MIMO 2 × 2 on the downlink
• FOTA update
• Onboard GNSS receiver
• Support for Telit AppZone Application Development Environment

Variants available with/in:

• Wi-Fi bundled with WE866C3 and WE866C6
• Wi-Fi/BLE companion modules
• Embedded value-added services like Telit simWISE™ connectivity and Telit OneEdge™ device management
• IoT-as-a-Service subscription bundles with connectivity plans and IoT data platform
• mPCIe data card form factor

Better with Telit IoT Connectivity Plans

Telit offers a variety of affordable and cost-effective connectivity services and subscriptions to support the unique needs of large, dense, mid-speed LTE IoT deployments.

Our comprehensive connectivity management tools support affordable provisioning, bulk retirement, automatic pausing and reactivation, alerts for devices running in exception, and other services that give you the control and visibility you need over every deployment.

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