IoT deployments can be complex and costly.  Whether managing just a small number of connected devices or thousands, you need an IoT connectivity solution that provides full control over your usage and billing.

Telit M2M / IoT connectivity services address the challenges of managing two or more different carriers with varying pricing rules and agreement terms. They are designed specifically for your IoT /  M2M needs – one agreement, simple terms and one price with no hidden fees or extra roaming charges.

M2M / IoT Connectivity Management

Telit offers comprehensive connectivity management tools for connection provisioning, operation and analysis across wireless networks. With the Telit IoT Portal you can get in-depth oversight into your account – right down to the individual SIM.  The user-friendly interface provides near real-time access to statistics and usage information in visual representations.Track and analyze trends across your deployments and review costs as a whole or drill down to a single connection, regardless of origin. 

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