Telit has taken the following steps in response to the coronavirus outbreak with the impact on Telit’s employees, customers and suppliers being Telit’s primary concern:

  • Telit has asked some of its employees to work from home as a safety precaution. Telit has maintained an ongoing dialogue with its material suppliers globally. Telit’s suppliers have reported that while there is a certain impact on supply due to the situation, it is not significant at this stage. Telit is closely tracking the situation.
  • Shipments of products were resumed, and we can now deliver timely any open order, within the relevant lead time.
  • Weekly reviews and delivery schedules will continue until the situation returns to normal and Telit top management will keep reviewing the situation closely.
  • Telit services and support are in full operation and maintaining our committed SLA, support and quality of service objectives.  

Telit’s supply chain includes several contract manufacturers that support its production requirements. One of the Group’s suppliers in China resumed partial operations in early February 2020, following the government mandated extending closure for the Chinese New Year holiday period. The remainder of the Group’s suppliers restarted production fully during February 2020. Consequently, Telit is currently facing minimal impact on its production plan but will continue to work with its suppliers and customers closely to avoid any disruption that can come from the components’ supply chain. In that regard, we are closely monitoring the situation in Malaysia, that may have some effect on our material supplies, and taking specific actions to reduce the risk, if any.

In the last two years, Telit already certified core business operations under the international standards of ISO 22301 and ISO 27001. As part of the implementation of these standards, we created and adjusted technological solutions to support seamless business operations and allow business as usual under these extreme situations. Telit continuously invests in its business processes and guidelines to minimize risks and maintain service levels for our customers. To that end, Telit maintains a robust remote access network architecture to support our staff for remote working. Telit confirms that these processes worked as intended, verifying our infrastructure and business continuity standards.

  • Customers are encouraged to place orders to cover the needs considering lead time for each specific product, which may still be longer than standard. This will assist Telit in setting shipment priorities and better plan the future production.
  • While the situation is ongoing, Telit will work closely with all customers to confirm new incoming orders. Again, a firm order is the most efficient way to secure materials and delivery at the requested date.

Telit continues to follow the developments in the outbreak of the coronavirus very carefully and is working proactively with our teams and partners in the region in compliance with local governmental regulations.