Get expert help selecting the right form factor and technology for your project. Telit offers the broadest portfolio of LTE Release 13 Cat M and Cat NB modules.

Telit’s popular xE910 family is engineered to enable connectivity in products of any complexity with ease.  Available in a compact 28.2 x 28.2mm LGA form factor, the Cat M series of this platform is perfectly suited for fixed and mobile applications such as utility metering, home and commercial security, telematics, and fleet management. The Cat NB series is ideal for fixed applications or situations with limited in-region mobility such as POS and logistics terminals.

For device designs that demand the smallest possible footprint across a variety of applications including wearables, telematics and healthcare, the xE866 delivers reliable performance in a tiny 400mm2 LGA form factor. Integration is further simplified for products which demand low power.  



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Request a Project Review or Developer Kit