Telit Supply Chain Notice: Telit Cellular, GNSS and GPS Modules

On October 20, semiconductor manufacturer AKM (Asahi Kasei Electronics) suffered a fire in one of its three factories located in Nobeoka, Myazaki Prefecture, Japan. AKM manufactures integrated circuits for many component suppliers in the electronics industry, including a number of Temperature Compensated Crystal Oscillator (TXCO) manufacturers that supply Telit some of their products.

Telit immediately activated a comprehensive supply chain review and response to ensure that our customer orders are fulfilled with minimal impact. Together with our component suppliers, we reviewed the existing inventory of Telit components and the potential impact to future production of their components. Based on the analysis conducted to-date, we do not expect any impact to the availability of Telit’s cellular modules; however, we anticipate the potential of longer lead-times for new orders of our GNSS and GPS modules. We strongly encourage customers to place orders of GNSS and GPS modules required as quickly as possible to secure needs for 2021.

We are evaluating, with high priority, a contingency plan to manage this exceptional challenge and to fulfill customer orders expeditiously. We will keep you informed of alternatives and solutions to meet your needs. Telit’s global supply chain is comprised of multiple contract manufacturers with a wide geographic footprint that effectively support customers’ production requirements, and we remain confident in our ability to serve your needs. Thank you for your understanding and collaboration.