Telit’s new data cards based on the Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ X55 5G modem and RF Front-End are the latest in a series of first to market introductions based on Qualcomm Technologies’ chipsets.

Telit 5G Datacards

Featuring support for 5G in millimeter wave (mmWave) and sub-6 GHz spectrum as well as 4G LTE, the new data cards are ideal for bandwidth-intensive applications benefitting from speeds of up to 7GB/second, more than 10 times as what the average LTE device can deliver.

"The first use cases for 5G ultra-high speeds will focus on transforming fixed wireless access and on enabling enterprises to grow and reconfigure their networks for improved resilience and speed,” said Manish Watwani, chief product and marketing officer, Telit. “This enables pioneering and unprecedented growth in business models leveraging the ability to create and establish new operating sites, offices and branches in an instant to take advantage of non-forecasted business opportunities that were previously inaccessible among other benefits."

5G speeds to drive mobile broadband applications

The new 5G data cards are ideal for fixed wireless access applications such as enterprise routers and gateways, enterprise network appliances, branch and remote office routers, fixed wireless broadband internet access, and customer premise equipment (CPE). Also, applications based on streaming high-resolution (UHD) vide will also benefit of the high bandwidth provided by 5G, thanks to the aggregated bandwidth of up to 800Mhz supported in the mmWave spectrum; capable of delivering multi-gigabit speeds.

At least two new data cards variants will be available. The first will support 5G and LTE in bands below 6 GHz in time division duplex (TDD) and frequency division duplex (FDD) mode. The second will also support 5G in mmWave bands, initially available in the United States in sync with carrier rollout plans.

The new data cards will support non-standalone (NSA) and standalone (SA) modes of operation aligned with all major 5G networks expected to be deployed in coming years. They will also deliver a seamless 5G evolution path for current LTE Advanced and Advanced Pro devices based on the pioneering LM940 LTE category 11 and LM960 LTE category 18 data cards successfully deployed in a wide variety of industrial, commercial and public safety applications.

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