With many 3G sunsets looming at the end of 2019, and new activations cut-off by mid-year in North America and other regions, businesses still relying on 3G-connected devices will need to reach out for assistance to create a plan to transition their designs.


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Here’s what you can expect from your design review:

  • Technical recommendation for use in your project specification documentation.
  • Telit global idea-to-manufacturing support to help you on new designs with 4G LTE Cat 4, Cat 1, and 5G-ready LTE-M and NB-IoT modules or redesigns from existing Telit or other brands.
  • Opening this discussion can offer you more insight into some of our roadmap products and services and how to build for the future

If you are using any of the following Telit module series, your devices are running on a 3G network:


HE910 mini PCIe

Please note that there are variants in all these series in markets and regions not immediately affected by sunset plans. Our experts can help you identify if variants you are using are associated with regions and mobile operators that have announced 3G sunset dates.

Even if you are not using a Telit module, We can still help you

If you need to stay connected with 3G a little bit longer, we can help you extend your device life with Telit data and voice connectivity plans. Our connectivity change package gives you access to multiple operators. As operators phase out 3G connectivity, you’ll have access to those that still support 3G, giving you more time for your full transition.

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When you’re ready to move complete your transition to 4G, make sure you have managed connectivity that works with your data plan. Be ready with a Telit package that provides connectivity management, provisioning, device retirement and connectivity alerts. With Telit’s access to multiple operators, you’ll have a seamless transition with available connections to multiple 4G networks.

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*Note: There is a pre-qualification review prior to scheduling an in-depth review with an IoT expert.

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